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I just finished adding storage to my new work area.  My Ikea hack shelves and storage will keep me organized and clutter off of my desktop.  In our compact home, every piece of furniture needs to use the limited space we have effeciently.  My Ikea hack shelves do that and  they look great!

My desktop will convert from a desk top to a sewing table or work table easily.  Its 80 inches long which leaves plenty of room to spread out.  Notice the bar with the little buckets?  In desk mode… it’s for pens, scissors, etc.  In sewing or craft mode, it’s for anything else I need to get to easily.  See the 2 drawers on the first shelf?  They are each about 22 inches wide.  Another great storage opportunity in addition to the shelves.

All in all, I’m very happy with the finished product. I’ve mentioned before that initially I was going to do a driftwood faux finish on the desk base and shelves but ultimately liked the contrast and clean pop of the white against the walls.  After seeing the final product I’m certain I made the right decision.  Our walls by the way are Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter.  A really good neutral color that looks good in all types of light.  I just love to talk color but time to reign myself back in and on to the topic at hand…  The shelving.  Since all this part of the project needed was selecting items for functionality and assembly.  I thought it might be helpful to share what we learned during installation.  In other words, what I wish I’d known before I started!

In my typical fashion of impatience and excitement, I began this when no one was home to help with the heavy work.  Heads up, two extra hands are needed for several steps.  I started with installing the rail bar before measuring the layout …oh duh, not the best choice.  I was left trying to fit everything to that placement and just got lucky it worked.  So ~ let me make your project easier!

Ikea Items:
4 – Ekby Shelf Brackets
1 – Ekby Shelf
1 – Ekby Drawer Shelf
2 – Fintorp Rails
1 – package of Fintorp Rail Hooks
2 – Fintorp Cutlery Caddies

Tools & Supplies:
screw drivers
wall anchors
toggle bolts

Measure the area above your desk and lay out on paper how you’d like the shelves to fit on paper beforehand.  This step will allow the process to go easy as well as let you know if there are any issues with your placement.  As you are marking hole locations and before drilling use the level to check both horizontally and vertically often.

Start by measuring how high you want the drawers of the first (lower) shelf.  You’ll need to open them and see inside when standing in front of your desk.  Measure and place the top shelf and the below utility rail bar next.

My layout looks like this.
13″ – space between lower and upper shelf (#1 in pic below)
14″ – bottom of lower shelf from top of bar bracket (#2 in pic below)
12″ – top of rail bar bracket from desktop (#3 in pic below)
29″ – desktop height from the floor

Here are a few other useful details. ..  The Ekby drawer shelf is 44 lbs.  Be sure to have the correct size and type of wall anchors for your walls.  It can be tricky since the bracket top connection fits a screw head and the bracket bottom is a hole completely through.  Remember to add the weight of what you may put in the drawers and on the shelfs when picking out wall anchors.  We used a drywall anchor on the top and a toggle bolt on the bottom.

If you use two utility rail bars like I did, assemble the bars fully with the end caps and the center connector to get the correct measurements for the bracket placements.  It makes a difference :-)

I love my new workspace.  Yes, as I sit in my red (had to have it!) chair and type away this morning I am smiling.

One more really big happy step forward in the Bungalow.  Oh yeah, recognize the bulletin board?

Just for giggles let me show you a few more of the before shots.  These pics bring back some crazy memories!  Even these photos are an improvement over the first time we saw this room.  Our first view was of metal industrial bins wall to wall and no outside light since the window was covered too.  It was a storage room for the prior owner’s business!  A BIG improvement right?

Next project on the list? Back to the outdoor shower, I’ve got something fishy in the works!

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    Thanks Wanda~ I know anything would have been an improvement but now it’s REALLY nice to sit down for some blog time :-). I love the buckets they keep the desktop clear of clutter. BTW~ I’m doing the happy dance! A BIG thanks for your comment…


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