Faux Painted Cargo Furniture


Faux painted cargo furniture tutorial to get an aged pallet look on furniture H2OBungalow

Hi there.  Let me introduce myself, my name is Mud and I’m going to share a tutorial for faux painted cargo furniture today.  It’s also Theme Day for furniture makeovers and you’ll find some super projects from fabulously talented bloggers linked below too!  Here’s a link to the September and August Theme days.

I transformed a beat up white wicker bedroom set into something a rough and tumbly an 11 year old boy would love to have in his room.  Whoaaa… white wicker you’re thinking, for a boy??

I can assure you…

There’s nothing feminine about this industrial style furniture that looks like it’s just arrived from the Congo on a big freight ship!

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DIY Book Pumpkin


I made a simple DIY book pumpkin this year.  It’s been on my “want to try list” for the longest time.  It was easy and cost nothing because I had everything I needed to make it already.  Most importantly I did the entire crafty paper pumpkin project in under an hour!

 I have a thing for paper crafts…

…and this is about the easiest paper craft I’ve tried yet.  I’d love to have a wine & pumpkin night with my girlfriends.  I can see jazzing these up with all kinds of glittery, flashy, colorful, feathery funky, junky and fun items!

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How To Use Modern Masters Metal Effects

DIY-Aged-Copper-Mailbox-Makeover-H2OBungalowHow To Use Modern Masters Metal Effects

I was in a painting class last year and the instructor asked me if I wanted to see a really awesome product. Of course I said sure…paint geek that I am :) It was like liquid metal paint.  You could paint an item to look like metal, pretty much anything… and then age it with a luscious oxidized patina only time could have orchestrated.

Except time wasn’t a factor.

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Simple Fall Projects You Can Do In An Hour


Now that our construction is finally winding down I can concentrate a little more on seasonal cheer and start to prepare for the fast approaching holiday season.  We are still navigating around boxes, stepping over tools and haven’t yet moved back into our side of the house.   With all of this going on I need simple fall projects to welcome in the fall season.

I know I’m not the only one short on time who wants a little fall decor!

So, I figure this is a great time to share how an hour and a few simple supplies can fallify your home.

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DIY Open Shelf Vanity

DIY-Open-Shelf-Vanity-Free-Plans-Included-H2OBungalowI’ve shared pictures of my DIY open shelf vanity in progress for the last several weeks, no….probably the last few months.  I’m over the top excited to finally share my project as well as the story behind it and thank the awesome people who helped make this plan of mine a reality!

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