How To Make Safe Passwords: Heartbleed Victim Or Coincidence?

How To Make Safe Passwords To Protect Yourself Against Hackers And Viruses

Do you know how to make safe passwords that can’t be easily broken or guessed? When Heartbleed hit the news last week I added change passwords to my mental to do list. Add an ugh! for emphasis to that thought too.  Who has time for this?   Tackling this task correctly is just as important as doing it.  I’m sharing how to make safe passwords today because having a secure password is just as important as having a password.

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Moss Covered Easter Eggs

DIY easy moss covered easter eggs by H2OBungalow

These moss covered Easter eggs are a cute filler in a basket or by themselves in a natural basket.  This is the easiest DIY project I think I’ve shared yet.  Moss covered decor is everywhere and so in style now.

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Nautical Easter Eggs

Nautical Easter eggs by H2OBungalow These are the little Easter eggs I quickly cast aside to make my some bunny loves you Easter sign a few weeks ago.  At the time these eggs were completely uninspiring.  Of course, as soon as the pressure was off to create something fabulous for the Easter Decor & Craft Showcase, the idea hit me.  This basket needed one simple addition.

Something unmistakably nautical.

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Coastal Bathroom Shower Ideas


We are finally about to begin construction on our master bath addition.  I’ve collected several coastal bathroom shower ideas and thought I’d share a few of my favorite.

If you haven’t been following my blog I should back up and fill in a few details.  Our little home was built in the 1950s and one full bath was all you got in those days. Which was perfectly fine for the previous owner who was single and for 20+ years ran an air conditioning company out of our home.  

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DIY Coastal Cottage Dresser

Painted Coastal Dresser Tutorial by H2OBungalow

My DIY coastal cottage dresser started out as a thrift store find.  It had all the qualities of a good find, sturdy, solid wood, great lines and it fit in my car :)  I love coastal style furniture and have waited for just the right piece to do a coastal makeover.  This was it!

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