Mothers Day Planter Gift

Mothers-Day-Keepsake-Planter-Gift-by-H2OBungalowIf I had 15 minutes to pack up what meant most to me, I would head right for my desk and take the things my kids have made for me over the years.  One of my favorites is the keepsake Mothers Day planter gift my son made me when he was little.

No, he didn’t make this one.

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Diatomaceous Earth For Organic Pest Control

diatomaceous earth organic pest control that works

Spring has finally arrived.  time to get outside and do some spring cleaning and a few chores. Spring around here brings bugs.  I mean crawling yucky bugs like ants and other unwelcome critters. No worries though, I use diatomaceous earth for organic pest control.

We don’t use harmful chemicals indoors or outside.  Why?

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Easy Easter Hostess Gift Ideas

Easy And Quick Easter Hostess Gifts

So it’s countdown to Easter Sunday in our family.  We’ve got a busy weekend ahead.  Almost everything is ready and now I’m scrambling to come up with an easy Easter hostess gift that I can whip up quickly, with items I probably have on hand or can get from a quick run to Target.

You too?  That’s why I thought I’d share these so cute and easy Easter hostess gift ideas.

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How To Make Safe Passwords: Heartbleed Victim Or Coincidence?

How To Make Safe Passwords To Protect Yourself Against Hackers And Viruses

Do you know how to make safe passwords that can’t be easily broken or guessed? When Heartbleed hit the news last week I added change passwords to my mental to do list. Add an ugh! for emphasis to that thought too.  Who has time for this?   Tackling this task correctly is just as important as doing it.  I’m sharing how to make safe passwords today because having a secure password is just as important as having a password.

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Moss Covered Easter Eggs

DIY easy moss covered easter eggs by H2OBungalow

These moss covered Easter eggs are a cute filler in a basket or by themselves in a natural basket.  This is the easiest DIY project I think I’ve shared yet.  Moss covered decor is everywhere and so in style now.

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