Cafe Table Makeover


My cafe table makeover started like any other furniture makeover.  Pick the paint color, grab the supplies and start prepping.  Interestingly enough, the more I worked on it …the more this little cafe table set brought back memories.

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Gigantic Vera Bradley Giveaway



A fun group of color happy bloggers got together and sponsored this fantastic Gigantic Vera Bradley Giveaway. 

What would you do with 13 fun, colorful, indulgent, Vera Bradley pieces? Keep them all? Share with a friend? Be practical and give as Christmas gifts?

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Easy Drink Name Charms


Easy-Drink-Name-Charms-Labels-H2OBungalow #washitape #DrinkcharmsThis is my little story of how these easy drink name charms were created.

Sister time is special time.  Last week two of my sisters came in for a visit.  It’s been a surprisingly busy summer this year and it was good to get off the race track of life to stop, sit a while and enjoy some down time.

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Planning your Home Remodel: Part 2 of Expert Advice Series



How-To-Plan-Your-Home-Remodel-Series-Part-2-H2OBungalowOK Friends, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get down and dirty into the nitty-gritty of Planning your home remodel .  Kicking off today with Planning Your Home Remodel: Part 2 of the Expert Advice Series.  Last week I shared an overview of what we will cover over the next several weeks.  If you missed part one click over here to start at the beginning.

Before we get started I want to throw out a few terms you’ll see me use.

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Nautical Rope Candle Holders


Red-White-Blue-Rope-Nautical-Candle-Holders-H2OBungalowI whipped up a few super simple nautical rope candle holders earlier this week to post while I was away at the awesome Haven Bloggers Conference.

I have a growing collection of glass containers that had too much potential to simply cast aside in the recycle bin!

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